Mario & Bowser Tiki
Mario & Bowser Tiki
Mario & Bowser Tiki
Mario & Bowser Tiki

Mario & Bowser Tiki

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Embark on a tropical adventure with our one-of-a-kind Tiki Totem featuring everyone's favorite plumber, Mario, and his eternal rival, Bowser! Crafted from rich wood, this whimsical sculpture infuses the spirit of the islands with the iconic charm of the Mushroom Kingdom. Watch as Mario's determination clashes with Bowser's mischievous grin, adding a dash of playful rivalry to your décor. Whether you're a Tiki enthusiast or a Mario fan, this captivating piece is sure to spark conversations and bring smiles wherever it stands. Embrace the Tiki spirit and invite Mario and Bowser into your home today!

Tiki Totums

  • Tiki
  • Mario
  • Bowser
  • Wood Carving
  • Tropical Decor
  • Island-inspired
  • Fine crafted Tiki Carving
  • Nintendo Fan Art
  • Whimsical Totem
  • Mushroom Kingdom

Mario & Bowser

  • Iconic Characters
  • Playful Rivalry
  • Unique Home Décor
  • Collectible Art
  • Hawaiian-inspired
  • Polynesian Charm
  • Conversation Starter
  • Handmade Craftsmanship
  • Fun and Funky
  • Characterful Tiki Art