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Dive into adventure with our thrilling Jaws Tiki Totem,  carved from premium pine wood!

Tiki Totem

  • Carved from premium pine wood
  • Brings the excitement of the open sea to your space
  • Features the iconic jaws of a great white shark
  • Captures the thrill and suspense of the classic film
  • Perfect for fans of adventure and suspense
  • Adds a touch of danger to any decor
  • Brings the mystery of the deep to your home
  • Unique conversation starter

Jaws Tiki Totem

  • Jaws-inspired design
  • Crafted with attention to detail
  • Brings the thrill of the hunt to your home or office
  • Makes a great gift for fans of the movie
  • Sturdy and durable pine wood construction
  • Creates a focal point in any room
  • Evokes the excitement and danger of the ocean
  • Brings a sense of adventure to your decor